Research & Development

We continuously invest in the R&D process. It is the basis to fulfill growing demands – now and in future.

Our sales departments and Key Account Managers carefully observe market trends and customer demands. Handing these information over to the corresponding technical departments in the mills and research institutes, new ideas are developed, reviewed and re-checked under technical and ecomonical aspects.

Our innovations set standards and make our products the industry benchmark.


The MST-Tubes innovation process



A story of success: Shot Peening

Shot Peening is a cost-effective technique to refine austenitic superheater and reheater tubes (in DMV 304 HCu, DMV 4910). 

Treating the inner surface of the tube with particles of its own grade, creates a cold shaped, fine grained layer. While in use inside a power plant at temperatures above 550°C, a permanent and dense layer of chromium oxide is formed that steadily protects the tube from its insde.

Shot peened tubes can be used in power plants at higher temperatures and offer an increased service life, compared to other superheater or reheater tubes. That makes it an alternative to products in price volatile chrome and nickel alloys.

We have developed this technique for seamless stainless tubes in 2006 and employ it in our Costa Volpino, Italy mill ever since.



Shot Peening process (video)

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