MST Manufacturing Process

The standard MST production process is depicted below.

Hot extruded tubes can be produced at the Montbard, France plant and the Remscheid, Germany plant.
Cold pilgering and finishing, final inspections and controls are performed at the Costa Volpino, Italy, the Remscheid, Germany and the Houston, USA mill.





Trenner (breit)


At the beginning of this production step a central hole is drilled into the round rod of stainless steels or nickel alloy prematerial. This extrusion billet will be heated up to hot forming temperature and pushed through a die and over a mandrel followed by air cooling or water quenching.

This economic technique produces hollows as mother tubes for further cold forming processes like cold pilgering, cold drawing, as well as the final products if hot finished pipes and tubes are required.

Cold Pilgering

Using rollers from the outside and the pilgering mandrel from the inside, the product acquires its final dimensions in repeated steps.

Cold pilgering is the preferred production process for seamless, cold-finished, high alloyed stainless steel and nickel based alloy tubes and pipes. This technique provides a high forming rate, narrow tolerances and good turnouts.

Bright Annealing & Rapid Gas Cooling

As an alternative to the "open" annealing in air succeeded by pickling, the bright annealing process allows to achieve better surface qualities on the inside and outside surfaces. Especially for smaller dimensions it helps to fulfill the required high quality material properties.


Quality Check and Certification

A comprehensive destructive and non-destructive quality control is mandatory to guarantee the requested properties. An unambiguous assignment to certificates confirms the realisation of these procedures toward the customer.


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