Silver Medal awarded from Ecovadis in recognition of our sustainability achievements



We are proud to have received a silver medal from Ecovadis, a leading provider of corporate sustainability assessments, in recognition of our focus on sustainability performance. According to EcoVadis, Mannesmann Stainless Tubes is one of the 15% most sustainable companies in the steel industry and with an above average score of 66/100.

‘Sustainability is embedded in all aspects of our operations and commercial practices. The Silver award reflects recognition of our focus and ongoing commitment to best practice’ says Christophe Le Rigoleur, Managing Director of Mannesmann Stainless Tubes.


EcoVadis is one of the most important international platforms for evaluating corporate sustainability performance. The rating focuses on four areas: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The methodology is based on leading standards such as GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), UNCC (UN Climate Change) and ISO 26000 and is monitored by an international scientific committee.


‘The award shows that our efforts in recent years have paid off. We have set up a decarbonization team for the MST Group with representatives from our individual plants.  Together, we were able to calculate the Corporate Carbon Footprint for the entire MST Group, which enables us to develop decarbonization concepts and implement concrete decarbonization measures, such as the use of renewable energies and sustainable procurement. The EcoVadis result motivates us to consistently continue our commitment to sustainability’ says Tim Wallbaum, R&D and Sustainablity Manager.


The EcoVadis silver medal is not only a confirmation of our commitment, but also an important signal to our customers. It shows that we not only offer high-quality products, but that we are also aware of our sustainable, social and ethical responsibility. Together with our customers and partners, we will continue to work on driving sustainable development in our industry.