Medical Applications

Meeting the unique requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries as both a high quality raw material supplier and a manufacturer of high precision tubes used across medical trauma and cardiovascular applications. 

As a ‘raw material‘ manufacturer we take complete control of the melt, extrusion and cold production steps to ensure full quality control and traceability. 

As a high specification tube manufacturer we use our production facilities in Issoudun, France to meet the toughest of challenges for mechanical property, tolerance control, surface finish and NDT (Non-Destructive Testing). 

MST designationNearest equivalent standardTypical chemical composition 1)DensityMin. mechanical prop. at RT
 UNSENCmaxCrNiMoCuothers Rp0.2 Yield StrengthRm Tensile Strength
DMV 304S304001.43010.0618.
DMV 316LVMS316731.45410.02517.514.02.8<0.10N <
DMV 316LS316031.44040.0317.
DMV 316TiS316351.45710.0817.011.52.25  8.00.292053051575
DMV 17 4 PHS174001.45420.0717.


1) All figures in weight percentage. In case of order, the limits of the order specification will apply.

We then add further value thru cutting and creating profiled components.






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