Medical Applications

Meeting the unique requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries as both a high quality raw material supplier and a manufacturer of high precision tubes used across medical trauma and cardiovascular applications. 

As a ‘raw material ‘ manufacturer we take complete control of the melt, extrusion and cold production steps to ensure full quality control and traceability. 

As a high specification tube manufacturer we use our production facilities in Issoudun, France to meet the toughest of challenges for mechanical property, tolerance control, surface finish and NDT.

MST designationNearest equivalent standardTypical chemical composition 1)DensityMin. mechanical prop. at RT
 UNSENCmaxCrNiMoCuothers Rp0.2 Yield StrengthRm Tensile Strength
DMV 304S304001.43010.0618.
DMV 316LVMS316731.45410.02517.5142.8<0.10N <
DMV 316LS316031.44040.0317.
DMV 316TiS316351.45710.0817.011.52.25  8.00.292053051575
DMV 174PHS174001.45420.0717.

1) All figures in weight percentage. In case of order, the limits of the order specification will apply.

We then add further value thru cutting and creating profiled components.







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