Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steels

The category of austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steels primarily includes materials with higher alloy content (e.g. nickel, chrome and molybdenum). They are resistant to different types of corrosion caused by wet chemical influences, and are still able to maintain an austenitic face-centered cubic matrix. This creates a range of highly versatile stainless steels.

Austenitic Ferritic Steels

MST designationNearest equivalent standardTypical chemical composition 1)DensityMin. mechanical prop. at RT
 UNSENCmaxCrNiMoCuothers  Rp0.2 Yield StrengthRm Tensile Strength
DMV 18.5S315001.44240.0318.54.82.7Si 1.7; N
DMV 22.5S318031.44620.0322.05.53.0N 0.17 2)7.80.284506562090
DMV 25.7S312600.0325. 0.20; W
DMV 25.7 CuS325501.45070.0325. 0.22 2)7.80.2855080760110
DMV 25.7 NS327601.45010.0325. 0.25; W 0.5 2)7.80.2855080750109
DMV 25.7 NSS327501.44100.0325. 0.3 2)7.80.2855080750109
DMV 29.7 S329061.44770.0329.07.02.3< 0.80N 0.35 2)7.80.2865094800116

1) All figures in weight percentage. In case of order, the limits of the order specification will apply.
2) Min PRE value is controlled.