Oil & Gas Subsea

As today’s exploration & production technologies reach the most challenging and hostile of environments from ultra deep wells to processing conditions with extremes of pressure, temperatures and corrosion challenges our experience and commitment to continuous innovation is your assurance.  

From the early development of tubular products in duplex and super duplex grades to today’s high performance nickel alloys we are proud to be considered on the world’s leading suppliers to SURF (subsea, umbilicals, risers and flow lines) applications.  

Our references and experience extends globally; from the North Sea in the 1980’s to the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, South East Asia and the Middle East in the 1990’s West Africa to the latest deep water fields of Asia, West Africa, Brazil throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in the CIS countries.  

Drilling technologies and can be placed in 10,000 feet of water and drill five miles into the earth.