Manufacturing Locations and HQ

Mülheim, Germany

Our headquater and corporate management are situated in Mülheim, Germany close to Düsseldorf.

Montbard, France

At our Montbard, France mill, we produce hot finished tubes, pipes, re-draw hollows and hollow bars in stainless steel and nickel-based alloys for applications such as piping, mechanical tubes, furnace tubes, oil & gas, aerospace tubes and pipes.

Remscheid, Germany

Our Remscheid, Germany mill is located on historical ground: the Mannesmann brothers invented the rolling process for the production of seamless steel tubes right here.

With its state-of-the-art production equipment, our Remscheid mill holds production lines for both hot and cold finished products. Thus it delivers pipes and tubes for piping, mechanical tubes, boiler tubes and OCTG applications.

Costa Volpino, Italy

With its production line for cold pilgering and cold drawing, our Costa Volpino, Italy mill specialises in smaller outside diameters. Typical applications include instrumentation tubing, heat exchangers, boiler tubes, umbilical lines and aerospace hydraulic and actuation systems.

Houston, USA

Our Houston, USA mill holds an extensive stock of tubes and hollows in stainless & nickel grades. That gives us an outstanding flexibility when it comes to tight deadlines and challenging customer requirements.

Cold finished tubes from our Houston mill are used as instrumentation tubes, heat exchanger or boiler tubes, as well as for piping. Providing local service to the US, Canada & Mexico for applications across the oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace, chemical, pharmaceutical & mechanical markets/ fertilizer industry.

Issoudun, France

Our specialist precision tube mill located in Issoudun, France manufactures tubes for the most demanding specification requirements. Supplying market sectors such as nuclear, aerospace, medical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical using cold drawing techniques.